Re: (IAAC) 3C273 - 8inch F/10

>Are quasars part of the deep sky ? I believe so (extreme deep
>sky at some billions light-years away...) but will let Lew decide.

Absolutely, Yann! We welcome not only quasars, but active galactic nuclei, BL Lac objects, variable quasars, variable stars, novae, gravitational lenses (YES! these have been seen with large amateur scopes!), etc., etc.

And as we mentioned before, solar system observations are also VERY welcome, so long as they're posted to the 'netastrocatalog-discussion' list rather than the main (archived) 'netastrocatalog' list...

Thanks for another "eye filling" log, by the way! For a couple of years now, I've been meaning to view those two or three bright quasars, just for fun. :)

Clear skies,