I also host two chats for Prodigy, but would be happy to sit in on a couple
of IRC chats.  The only nights out for me are Thursdays and Fridays.  I know
Sunday at 4 p.m. ET there is usually an #astronomy chat.

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From: Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com>
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Date: Friday, March 27, 1998 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: (IAAC) FWD: mIRC?

>OK, so it sounds like meeting on #sciastro would be easiest for most
poeple. So
>what's a good time for everyone? (Note that we may want to pick two or more
>times, since what's convenient for N/S America subscribers may be very
>inconvenient indeed for Europe, Asia, or Oceania subscribers...)
>Todd Gross is one of the ChOps for #sciastro, and he's also a subscriber!
>do you think are the best times of week to "take over" #sciastro, Todd?