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Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:37:05 -0700
From: bas@lowell.Lowell.Edu (Brian Skiff)
To: ISN_chat@mbox.queen.it, vsnet-chat@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Subject: [vsnet-chat 792] More on NGC 3690/IC 694 coordinates

     I looked at the Wynne-Williams paper (ApJ 377, 426), which has been
cited recently as among sources giving the eastern component of NGC 3690
the name IC 694.
     The paper provides coordinates for strong radio and IR sources that
could reasonably be considered to be the centers of the galaxies.  The
positions precess to:

NGC 3690 SW   11 28 30.7  +58 33 42
NGC 3690 NE   11 28 33.2  +58 33 44

...for equinox 2000, which are within about 2 arcsec of the positions I gave
a couple of days ago based on the GSC and A1.0.
     As a reminder, the object IC 694 _is_not_ the eastern component of the
galaxy pair, but instead the small appendage more than an arcminute
_northwest_ of the main pair (11 28 27.3  +58 34 42 [2000]).  Supernova 1998S
lies near the east tip of the eastern (or northeastern) component of NGC 3690,
not in IC 694.
     A discussion of the historical aspects of the nomenclature problem can
be found at:


...by scanning down to the entry here for IC 694.


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