(IAAC) Re: [ASTRO] photos

At 7:34 PM -0400 4/14/98, Clouseau@webtv.net wrote:
>I'm trying to develop a photo catalog of objects I've observed at star
>parties. I'm trying to find websites that have lots of photos. It's easy
>to find plenty of Messier photos. I'm having trouble finding photos of
>quite a few non-Messier objects. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
>has quite a few. But, many are missing and some need a password to view.
>Can anyone suggest a few good websites for photos of non-Messier

 SkyView Virtual Observatory:


just put NGCXXXX in the "coordinates of source" field
choose digitized sky survey
choose B-W linear under optional parameters: color table
choose an image size in pixels and degrees and...submit

Brian Halbrook                  <mailto:bhalbroo@portup.com>