Re: (IAAC) Supernova

>I did compare their brightneses with field stars but have no way of
>converting these to magnitude estimates, any suggestions anyone.

The American Association of Variable Star Observers frequently generates
'provisional' photometric sequences around supernovae. Typically, the
photometry is somewhere between 'rough' and 'horribly rough', so I always
record which stars I used for the comparison and what method I used as
well. That way, when a better sequence is released for that field, I can
reduce my estimates based on the new data, throw out estimates against
stars shown to be variable, and so on. The AAVSO web page is at:


From their page you can find your way to things like the VSNet, and so on;
these other groups frequently have sequences available, sometimes rather
better ones than the AAVSO releases.

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