>The Astronomical Scrapbook by Joseph Ashbrook
>Sky Publishing
>ISBN 0-933346-24-7
>Page 397
>This is a drawing tho, not a picture.

>I don't know if there is an illustration of him, but try:
>Ellison, M. A. (1942) "The Third Earl of Rosse and his Great Telescopes",
>Journal B.A.A., 52, No. 8
>Or the big one,
>"The Scientific Papers of the Third Earl of Rosse", Sir Charles A. Parsons,
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OK, thanks to you all Jeff, Auke, Tom and Hartmutt (and Sue) for these

I will look first on the webb at the site Hartmutt and have always wanted
to buy the book from Ashbrook so here is a good reason...

I am actually completing a small biographical list of the personnalities
(from Abbe to Zwicky) linked to the deep sky (even slightly) with the
maximum number of images from the great astronomers. I also have trouble
finding some portraits of numerous observers, telescope makers,
astronomers, etc. from old times. As soon as I would have exhausted web
ressources, I certainly will post a short list of "hidden" deep sky
personnalities to this newslist. When it will be finished, you will be able
to find it on my site (in french) with the images.

clear skies to you all.

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