> I am actually completing a small biographical list of the personnalities
> (from Abbe to Zwicky) linked to the deep sky (even slightly) with the
> maximum number of images from the great astronomers. I also have trouble
> finding some portraits of numerous observers, telescope makers,
> astronomers, etc. from old times. As soon as I would have exhausted web
> ressources, I certainly will post a short list of "hidden" deep sky
> personnalities to this newslist. When it will be finished, you will be
> able to find it on my site (in french) with the images.

you certainly know my "History of the Discovery of the Deep Sky Objects"
at http://www.seds.org/messier/xtra/history/deepskyd.html ? At least, this
list hopefully all people involved in _discovery_ before and up to the
Herschels, and gives some data.

The best site for finding more data and images is perhaps that of the
Working Group for the History of Astronomy of the Astronomische
Gesellschaft; I've linked it e.g. from the history section of the Messier
pages at


(but guess you have the direct URL). If ever you have your site up, I'd be
interested to linking it. I'd also like to encourage you to provide an
English-language version also.

- hartmut