Re: (IAAC) Meade coatings

Clouseau@webtv.net wrote:
> I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I own a Meade 10"
> Starfinder. The surface of the tube is beginning to get in pretty bad
> shape from scrapes and bumps. I need to repaint/resurface it. I believe
> the surface is some type of vinyl or plastic laminate. I called Meade
> and they referred me to a company called Laminations in California that
> makes it. They would not tell me what the coating was or how to recoat
> the tube. They said it was propriatary information and couldn't give it
> out. To top it off, I thought the person on the phone was pretty rude.
> Guess they thought I was another company trying to get their secrest.
> Can anyone give me some ideas about what type of coating I can put on
> the scope to restore the finish?
> Harold Williams
> Head Astronomer & Janitor
> Northeast Philadelphia Deep Sky Observatory
Hi Harold, So you have met the famous--or is that infamous--Meade
customer service? <g> 

Like Lew, all I can do is refer you to another group; MAPUG (stands for
Meade Advanced Products Users Group)  This is a e-mail list tyoe group
which should be able to answer your questions.

Clear skies,  Les