Re: (IAAC) Welcome back and Messier Logging System v.1.0


> Well yes, I agree in thinking Luis' program to be very useful .. simply
> won't like to install any Microsoft system for just running this .. and
> well, I'm aware this is not Luis' but Borland's responsibility .. they
> simply provide their BDE only for that "singular" platforms
> Since I was using OS/2 for about 2 years, I can say without doubt that =
> OS/2 is a lot more stable and robust OS that Windows NT 4.0, not to =
> mention Windows 95. I remember the joy of programming with VX-Rexx for =
> OS/2, a lot better than Borland's Delphi or Visual Basic, but Windows =
> seems to be the way to go. At least for this moment.

Depends on for whom you want to produce, and of course where you have
invested. At last, there were times when one app caused people to select
or even change system (ok, hardly in this case but ..).
Finally, if time permits, why not both (or even more: Rumors tell there are
a lot of Mac and X Users around ..). But perhaps someone else finds the time
some day ..

What I simply wanted to state is that I cannot really use your prog if it is
only av for the currently served platforms. Perhaps I will be able to have a
look - at some friend or one of our university computers, but I won't have,
or want to have, a Windows installation - not everyone "goes the way".
Ok, anyway then there will still be the Mac users requesting their versions,
as will the X users, and .. :)

> A Java version of "Messier Logging System"?. Maybe this would be a =
> solution. I must think a bit...... :)

Somewhen, in the future, when more people can actually run Java apps ..
now it would only be good for you as the author if you need to demonstrate
modern-ness, or to say it nicer, Java skills for whatever reason :-)

- hartmut