Re: (IAAC) Welcome back and Messier Logging System v.1.0

I'm loathe to get into any "Platform Religion" discussions - so I won't! But I 
will say that both Luis' and Hartmut make some important points: A) not every 
one has or wants The Gates Conspiracy on their desktop; B) the Web is a good 
answer to the "portability problem" *for those with access to it*!

For those lucky amateur astronomers with non-Microsoft operating systems and no 
Web access, there's always good old email and our own "IAAC"... ;>

By the way, *ANOTHER EMAIL LIST* I run ('astrolog') would be a great place to 
continue this discussion! Perhaps Luis and/or Hartmut would be interested in 
subscribing to that (currently very quiet) list?

Clear skies,