Re: (IAAC) Orion Natrium Filter

Hi, Yann - I don't recognize that filter name - "Natrium"? Is it possible it 
has another product name in the US? I do note that "Natrium" is the German (and 
French?) word for English "sodium" (Na). Maybe Orion is now making a filter 
that narrowly passes NaII or NaIII lines, like the ones we're all familiar with 
that pass only OIII lines (the Lumicon "OIII" for instance)?

By the way, please be careful to send your requests for information to the 
"ANNOUNCE" list instead of the observing-log list! For posts other than 
observing logs, always use "netastrocatalog-announce@latrade.com"!

Otherwise, I have to go into the IAAC Web archive periodically and "clean up" 
non-observing posts from it. Thanks, and take care!


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