Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy?

Hi all,
:As much as I champion binocular observing (I own 9x63's, 10x50's and
:20x80's and use them often) I have to agree with Penny, providing that you
:are already somewhat familiar with the sky and have an easily accessible
:dark site.  However, let  me up the ante by suggesting to you to save a bit
:more money and get an 8" f/6 Dob instead.

DAVE-- I second that motion!  An eight inch will give more light gathering
capabilites, and reel in more faint objects.

Budget for at least one short focal
:length (i.e. "high" power) Ploessl, Koenig, or orthoscopic eyepiece of
:about 10 to 12mm, a Barlow lens and a finder scope and/or Telrad or similar
:1x refles sight aiming device.

Yes, that too.  I enjoy my low power (26mm) Plossl, I use it most over other
ones.  I have to also say that people instantly think power power power will
make you see more. What you want is a LARGE aperture in your primary mirror.
Higher powered eyepieces only do good with planetary objects, and are not
necessarily great for deep sky, which needs a wider field to seek out and
find extended deepsky objects.

And get a good observing guide (Phil
:Harrington's _The Deep Sky: An Introduction_ is as good as any that I've
:seen) and a star atlas (Tirion's Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 would be an
:inexpensive one to start out with).

I use Peterson's Guide to the Stars and Planets and know people who have it
in their glove compartment. It's a good pocket guide and easy to read and

Good suggestions all, Dave!

:Look to the skies,
:Dave Mitsky
:ASH S4 Star Party  8/21-22/98  Duncannon, PA (contact Joe O'Haren at