Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy?

Penny Fischer wrote:

> Dave,
> Hi again one point I want to make though:
> :While there are a handful of deep-sky objects that require low power to be
> :fully appreciated, the fact remains that there are thousands of globular
> :clusters, nebulae, and small galaxies that are best seen at higher
> :magnifications.  There are of course many factors involved here (aperture,
> :seeing, experience, etc.).  (I regularly use 17 and 20" scopes at powers of
> :118 to 324x for deep-sky observing.
> I don't know what kind of extras you may have or if you operate a Dob or
> not. But I need to use a pretty low power to find most things.  Of course
> there is star hopping, and this just takes experience as you said; however;
> I find that higher powers render too dark of a background to effectively
> zero in on objects via star or asterism hopping. I do however use higher
> powers to examine objects like M13 or other objects.   I do find that using
> powers over 250x best for planetary viewing.... I am sure purely subjective
> though.
> Clear skies!
> Penny


The 17 and 20" scopes that I mentioned are equatorially mounted classical
Cassegrains.  I own 3 scopes myself, the largest being a 12.5" truss-tube
Dobnewt that I use almost exclusively only at regional star parties.  I also use
another club scope, a 12.5" Cave Newtonian equatorial.

Yes, operating most Dobs at high power is a bit of a challenge.  And you want to
use your widest field ocular for star-hopping.  However, a large aperture
telescope (say above 16") has the light gathering capability to allow higher
magnifications when appropriate, if warranted by good seeing.