Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

.  However, how many of them would you
:consider to be "showcase" objects?  Other than the Coathanger, the Alpha
:Association, Coma Berenices star cluster, etc. that is.  Aren't they really
:more interest to experienced observers like yourself who have already seen
:premiere deep-sky objects and are looking for new challenges?

Dave, there are a lot more than the few objects you mentioned. You could not
appreciate or fit most of the open clusters that *I* love into high mags....
M44 (Beehive) is one as well as Pleiades (45).  Add to that the full
Andromdex Galaxy, Helix Nebula, Pinwell Galaxy. M6 and M7.  M17 and M16.
You could not see the spiral stars streaming out of M11 with higher power.
I guess it's all objective, but in my mind LOTS of objects need the lower