Re: (IAAC) Fellow Orion user

Howdy, Brad, and thanks for writing in!

I'll let Penny answer in her turn - I know she'll have a lot of experience to 
share on this one.

But I did want to mention you should DEFINITELY try getting your scope out 
under darker skies: the difference in views will astound you. In fact, if you 
don't belong to a local club - join one: most clubs will have favorite (more or 
less) dark observing sites they can introduce you to.

This is a great help, because one of the most frustrating things with deep-sky 
observing is finding viewing spots that are dark enough to meet your ambitions, 
but also accessible, seasonable, and safe at the same time.

I guarantee that getting yourself to a truly dark site (and there must be 
plenty in Colorado - you're lucky!), and using your 10" and 26mm eyepiece, you 
will find M81/82 and the Virgo cluster *FASCINATING*. :)

Clear skies!