Re: (IAAC) Fellow Orion user

Lew wrote (in response to Brad from Ft Collins):
:But I did want to mention you should DEFINITELY try getting your scope out
:under darker skies: the difference in views will astound you.

I was out a few months ago on a business trip to Ft Collins, and I was
disappointed to find that skies in Ft. Collins were about as bad as they
are here in my home in suburban Boston, maybe even a bit worse. Ft. Collins
has a serious light pollution problem brought on by urban sprawl.

On the other hand, on the last day we were catching a late flight out of
Denver Int'l, so we drove up to Estes park, then south along the state
roads through the mountains past several villages, down to that steep road
that plunges into Boulder. All along the way marvelling at the incredible,
deep blue of the sky, the darkest blue I'd ever seen anyplace in the world
I've ever been, even the Atacama desert in northern Chile.  I think I must
have said a hundreds times, this has got to be awesome a night.