Re: (IAAC) Fellow Orion user

There is a very active Astronomy club in the Ft. Collins area, so I'd
urge you to get involved with them (there is NCAS - Northern Colorado 
Astronomical Society and LAS - Longmont Astronomical Society).  Both of
can be found off of my  club (Colorado Springs Astronomical Society) web
http://members.aol.com/bygrens/CSAS/ . 
Also, if you want to check out some dark skies with a ton of people, you 
should make plans to attend Rocky Mountain Star Stare (June 26-28).  This is 
60 miles west of Colorado Springs near Wilkerson Pass.  We average 200+
each year (this is our 12th year) and have scopes of all shapes and sizes 
(last year a guy from Washington state came down with "Hercules" which s a
Dob!!!).  Its a great time for everyone, and you can learn quite a bit at an 
event like this, and the seeing is amazing (and will spoil you forever ;^).  
Check out our website for more info on RMSS '98, or feel free to send me
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mfrazier@us.oracle.com		Colorado Springs, Colorado   
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Hi Penny,

     My name is Brad and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I was reading
some of the IAAC archives and noticed that you have an Orion 8" DSE.  I
recently purchased the 10" DSE and was very pleased to hear that you have
been able to pick out some of the deep sky objects I'm wanting to see.  I've
been desperately searching for galaxies in the Virgo cluster and also M81/82
recently, but to no avail and I was getting nervous that maybe I bought the
wrong telescope.  I'm thinking now that maybe my problem is just light
pollution.  I live in a city of about 100,000 and deal with several annoying
streetlights on my block.  Do you live in a rural area?  Would I have better
luck if I packed up and headed out of town?  I also have the 26mm Plossel
(sp) eyepiece.  Is this the one I should be using for viewing galaxies like
M81/82?  Any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



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