Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

Hi Dave!

*****Just  couldn't let it go, could you?

Nah, that's not why Dave. I was writing the note about the Tascos and
realized that this was always the big selling point on these type scopes as
you know. It seemed so ironic to this subject matter I had to add it in.

****** Of course, high power is not necessary
:to see some deep-sky objects with and is certainly inappropriate for a
:department store telescope.

Very true, and I try whenever I can to say that magnification does not
matter as much as aperture in small scopes when beginners ask my advice. I
would rather they spend twice as much and buy good optics... as we all know,
Tasco uses plastic on it's $149.00 model.

***** But the fact remains that with a large scope
:high power can be used and used to good effect.

Would love to challenge you to this Dave. You have an observatory to invite
me to?:)

Clear skies!