Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)


I would suggest that if you must keep the Telrad, you do as my friend did
and adapt it to accept better eyepieces with a wider field of view and buy a
better mount for it.

You can buy a focuser converter that will convert your size from .965 to
1.25 inches.  Then you can buy better eyepieces.  Or, you can also buy
better eyepieces at .965.... but I would suggest upgrading to the 1.25 as
then you literally have hundreds of options to choose from for eyepieces.
The converter is not too expensive either.

As far as mounts, you can also upgrade to a sturdier mount.  In the
meantime,  you can use your scope for planetary viewing and also the
brighter nebula, but if you do these two things I suggested above, you can
use that scope for deep sky too with pretty good results. So all is not
lost!  I would suggest for both these things... the focuser converter and
the better mount... to again try the orion on line site at www.oriontel.com.
They really have great things and maybe you can get their catalog.

Clear skies,


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:Yann, Pail and Penny
:I am a newcomer (6 moths),  and I have a newtonian 4.5-inch Tasco. It has a
:750X maximun magnification, but I have  never been able to use it due to
:unstable mount, I only have used the 50X and 250X. I have read hours and
:about "the best telescope to buy" and  it  was my better opcion for the
money I
:had besides to that in my country, Colombia, South America, there are not
:stores to choose.
:I have spent the last 3 months searching the fainter deep objects, but now
I am
:really worry, because I read in your mails that my telescope is a
:instrument" and I could be a "frustated amateur".  What can I do?
:Thank You.
:Luis Eduardo Zabala
:Private mail: lzabala@infantas.ecp.com.
:On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Penny Fischer  wrote:
:> Hi Paul,
:> :With hindsight, I would probably have gone with small Dob or even
:> :binoculars, but in many ways I think it is good to start out with a
:> :dodgy scope: it certainly teaches you a few things.
:> The thing about starting with such a frustrating instrument though is the
:> fact that it can frustrate an amateur into never going out to observe.
In a
:> small refractor like that, planets and the moon zip by before there is
:> to even look at them.
:> I do know a friend who souped up a Tasco type department store scope. He
:> refitted it to accept 1.25 inch ep's, and put a better mount on it.  He
:> it in conjunction with bigger equipment, but's its easy to take out in a
:> pinch to do planetary work.  Again, these dept. store scopes always hawk
:> their high magnification eyepieces....."450X power!" I saw on  one box.
:> Tasco). I would say this is the true myth, that high power is  necessary
:> see deep sky objects with.
:> Clear skies
:> Penny