Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

>I am a newcomer (6 moths),  and I have a newtonian 4.5-inch Tasco. It has a
>750X maximun magnification, but I have  never been able to use it due to its
>unstable mount, I only have used the 50X and 250X. I have read hours and
>about "the best telescope to buy" and  it  was my better opcion for the
>money I
>had besides to that in my country, Colombia, South America, there are not
>stores to choose.

Hi Luis,

a first advice I should give is to use the tripod as low as possible (by
shortening its legs to the maximum that is possible): it will add some
stability to the mount.

By the way, forget about 750x because the maximum (tolerable) power for a
telescope is 2.5x per millimeter (ie 65x per inch) and the maximum power I
use on my 4.5" is 180x.

clear skies, Yann.

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