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>Thanks Jeff.. what sizes to the UO orthos come in, and what is their eye
>relief and field size
>(and price?)

Beats me about eye relief - they are orthos, so eye relief is short to very
short, depending on focal length. My guess is that if you can use a 20mm
Nagler, you will be able to use the 9mm ortho; subjectively, they seem
about the same, but take this with caution - I have absolutely no numbers
here. All the UO orthos but one are 45 degrees apparent field; the 25mm is
42 degrees - obviously, these are not 'porthole' eyepieces. The line looks
like this:

4mm    $59.95
5mm    $57.95
7mm    $57.95
9mm    $55.95
12.5mm $55.95
18mm   $55.95
25mm   $55.95

All funds in US dollars based on the University Optics 1998 catalog.

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