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"Donald Munson" <demunsonjr@erols.com> wrote:

When I follow the handbook instructions it looks pretty much
like the pictures say it should to be right on but the focus is getting 
fuzzy around the edges where it was not like that before.

As for design flaws I would be interested in hearing about what you have 
found so as to compare them to what I have.


it occurs to me that i never really addressed the design flaw issue... i 
guess the only actual 'design' flaw would be that the optical tube 
itself is a few inches too short..(short tube, indeed)-- so i guess what 
i meant to say was that you MUST do the cardboard extension baffling to 
correct that flaw.  

the other thing i consider to be a little more than a flaw is the fact 
that the inner focus tube (the part that the part that moves in/out) is 
CHROME PLATED--  and; the focuser rack (i believe that's what it's 
called) is made of plastic or nylon while the focusing gear is metal--- 
mine has definitely lost some teeth, which is kinda frustrating when 
trying to accurately focus the thing. but what do you want for $250?

seriously though, it is a pretty good scope for the money. spending 2X 
as much (@ orion), would not have got me any more aperture...the 'next 
step' up for orion reflectors seems to be the 6" dob, which is about 
$650 (or in that neighborhood), it's about hip-level high (i'm 6'2"), 
and does not include a tripod mount... so without having to buy one of 
those custom-made chairs, that's just asking for back pain. 

anyway, i just wanted to address that. sorry for the omission.


skott reader
in .sf.

other 'flaws' exist due to it being a pretty inexpensive scope
they do make (orion) a full length 4.5 newt as well, which comes with a 
nicer eq mount and a sexier tripod... but it is +/- $40 more and a few 
pounds heavier (the legs are metal).

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