(IAAC) ARCHIVE RESEND Re: Amateur Journals / Interstellarum


For an idea of what its all about, you'll find that it is the deep sky
magazine of the VdS-Fachgruppe Visuelle Deep-Sky-Beobachtung together with
the Fachgruppen Astrofotografie and CCD-Technik. The web site is at:

I think you'll find that it is a worthy successor to Deep Sky Magazine.

The subscription to Interstellarum is 40,- DM.  A friend mailed his
subscription to:

Klaus Veit
Schafhofstr. 6
90556 Cadolzburg

If you have questions, he reported that Klaus was more than helpful.
His email address is "veit@physik.uni-erlangen.de".

Clear Skies!

Art Russell
Atlanta, Georgia