Re: (IAAC) Caroline Herschel

Steve there is an excellent account of her life in Clerkes book on the
Herschels but no list of what she discovered although you can add NGC253 to
the list. Clerkes book may be difficult to find except in a University library

At 14:50 19/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Lew, etal;
>A very nice night last night out in the Arizona desert about
>50 miles from central Phoenix.  Just scanning around with the
>6 inch RFT.  I did post a few observations.
>I have a question about Caroline Herschel.  I think I would
>like to observe or re-observe all the objects she discovered.
>I know NGC 7789, 891, 205 (M110) and some other smaller
>clusters in CAS are on the list.  Does anyone have any
>I am assuming she found these objects while comet hunting,
>I believe she used a 6 inch made for her by William for
>that purpose.  Does anyone know anything more about that
>Considering an article and planning to put it together
>over the next several months and wondering if anyone 
>has done all of her objects?  Sounds like fun.
>Clear Skies all;
>Steve Coe