Re: (IAAC) Object: Jones1(PK104-29.1) - Instrument: 13,1"Dobson

>Observer: Michael Büchner
>Your skill: advanced
>Date and UT of observation: 28.10.1991
>Location & latitude: Wohlmutshüll, Germany, elev 500m
>Site classification: rural
>Limiting magnitude (visual): 5m.8
>Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 3
>Moon up (phase?): no
>Instrument: 331 mm dobson, f/4,4
>Magnification: 96x
>Filters used: OIII
>Object: Jones1(PK104-29.1)
>Category: PN
>Constellation: Peg
>Object data: 12m.7, 332"
>RA/DE: 23 35 53.5 /+30 28 02
>Very large, faint nebula. It is only visible by using an
>OIII-filter. I see two arcs at 96x+OIII.
>You can find a sketch of Jones1 on my homepage:

A number of us observed Jones 1 on 10/24 UT with a 51cm f/10 classical
Cassegrain at 127x.  The transparency was about 7 or 8 but the seeing was
perhaps a 4.  Using an O-III filter allowed this large planetary to appear
as a very dim and ghostly ring.

Dave Mitsky

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