Re: (IAAC) New

Hey Gang,   
	Being new to the list I've been encouraged by the postings and
have had my appetite whetted to do some DS observing.  I've got some
questions however.

	#1  I only have a 4.5" celestron reflector and it seems that most
of what you guys see is done on at least 6" scopes.  What can I possibly
hope to see with my 4.5"er?   Specifically I once saw a globular star
cluster on somebodyelse's big Dobsonian and wonder if I could locate one
on my scope.  Where would one be for me living in Philadelphia area, 40
degrees lat?   I know the Pleides is an open cluster, right?, but I want
to observe those closed ones.

	#2  I presently have 2 eyepieces that came with the scope that are
36 and 91 times magnification.  How high can I actually go in
magnification on my 4.5" scope before I am exceeding it's ability to
accurately depict DS objects.  The reason i ask is partly because most of
the postings I read have you guys reporting magnifications of mid 100's to
200's plus.

		Thanks for your help,

					Bill from Philly

William M. Free

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