Re: (IAAC) Re: Bode Numbers Applied to Southern Stars

Hi Andrew!

>Does anyone know where these "Bode Numbers" originate and are listed, or
>has anyone has seen them listed in a different Catalogues? (Note they
>are casually mention in the introduction of Richard Allan's "Star
>Names...", but a more modern listing does't seem to exist.)

AFAIK, those Bode numbers refer to his 1801 catalogue, which was published
along with a set of 20 star maps, known as the Uranographia. The catalogue
had 17,240 stars and nebulae and was used extensively by both Dunlop and
John Herschel.
Where you would find a modern listing is anyone's guess! 

BTW, this is the same Bode that founded the _Astronomisches Jahrbuch_; also,
he is usually associated with the empirical relationship between the
integers and planetary distances -- Bode's Law. 


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