Re: (IAAC) Re: Asterisms

Andrew James wrote:

> Just one comment. I read in the ye'old Norton's Star Atlas on asterisms,
> and it states there are 147 asterisms in the sky - which has been in
> each edition since the 1930's. I know of the asterisms mentioned in
> Richard Allen's "Star Names - their lore and meaning.", but they most
> seem just random mentions of stars.
> Does anyone know the origin of Norton's list? and does a "standard" list
> exist in any publications.

This goes to my question about protocol: Is this an official list of
asterisms? Does such an official list exist or are qe free to discover
our own asterisms? If the latter, how can one verify that verify that
he/she is the first and that this pattern underconsideration has not
already been described?
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