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Hows the book on star clusters coming Brent

At 16:06 14/01/99 EST, you wrote:
>> On this particular night I observed the "Three Kings", three open
clusters that
>> are discussed on page 80 of the December 1998 Astronomy.  Appropriate
>> for this season (even though Christ was probably born in the spring and
the wise
>> men numbered more than three and were not kings but astrologers), the King 
>> clusters were discovered by Ivan King through the POSS.  King 17 is
located in 
>Dave (and others) -
>I was just looking over some recent postings to "netastrocatalog", and I
>noticed your posting of December 29 regarding an observation of King 12
>(partially excerpted above).
>I just wanted to clarify that the first 21 King clusters were NOT
>discovered using the POSS, but were instead discovered by King AND
>OTHERS, using plates from the (Harvard) 16-inch Metcalf refractor.
>These clusters were reported in a paper "Some New Galactic Clusters", by
>Ivan King, which appeared in Harvard College Observatory Bulletin 919
>(pp. 41-42), of February, 1949 (note that this is before the POSS had
>even been done).  King notes that objects 2, 3, and 5 were discovered by
>Rebecca B. Jones, and object 6 was found by Carl K. Seyfert (of Seyfert
>galaxy fame).
>King 22 _was_ identified on the POSS, and was reported in a paper by
>King entitled "A New Galactic Cluster,", that appeared in PASP, v. 73,
>pp. 163-164, April, 1961.  However, this cluster had been discovered the
>previous year by Setteducati and Weaver as Berkeley 18, so the latter
>name is the preferred one.
>King 23 to 27 were reported by King in a paper "Five New Open Clusters,"
>PASP, v. 78, pp. 81-82, February, 1966.  However, King 23 had already
>been discovered as Czernik 28, King 24 as Czernik 32, and King 27 as
>Czernik 40, so the Czernik names are prefered for those three objects.
>- Brent
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