(IAAC) Object: Sharpless 2-242

Observer:  Art Russell
Your skill:  Intermediate
Date and UT of observation: 990119   0310-0317UT
Location & latitude: Lat 34.59, Lon 84.00
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual): 6+
Seeing (1 to 10 - worst-best): 5
Moon up (phase?): No
Weather: Low humidity. Good Sky Contrast.
Instrument: 18 inch (46cm) F4.9 Tectron Lightweight Dobsonian.
Magnifications: 250X
Filters used: OIII and H-beta
Object: Sharpless 2-242, aka LBN 826
Constellation: Tau
Object data: Reflection nebula
Size(s): 7.1'X6.5'
Position: RA: 05 51.800 DEC: 27.022222
Magnitude: r3
Personal "rating" (at this aperture, and sky condition):  Difficult
Observation: Very dim object. Only suggested with OIII filter. Best seen
when scope is shaken. Approximately 6'X3' in apparent size. Very faint, with
visibility increasing with eye's adaptation at the eyepiece. H-beta filter:
Visible in H-beta filter. Very faint in the field of view, but more visible
than with the OIII filter.


Art Russell

Atlanta, Georgia


Member National Deep Sky Observers Society (NDSOS), Webb Society, and
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)

"Sight is a faculty; seeing, an art" - George Perkins Marsh

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