Care and Feeding of IAAC (was Re: (IAAC) PEACH STATE STAR GAZE VI)

Howdy folks, and especially our newcomers! Just a quick "procedural" note:

If you respond to a post from 'netastrocatalog', your reply will by default be
directed to the ENTIRE 'netastrocatalog-announce' list. This is on purpose: the
assumption is most replies to IAAC posts will be intended for the whole list.

However, if you DON'T intend your reply for the whole list, you must remove
'netastrocatalog-announce@latrade.com' BY HAND from the "To:" line of your reply
email, and replace it with the address of the person you want to reach!

Not that we've had any complaints, but the more focused we keep our postings to
the list, the more likely it will be that our fellow deep-sky observers with
slow Net connections or busy schedules can to continue to participate in IAAC!

(Also keep in mind that our readership reaches well beyond North America. So for
the most part, lets announce only observing or astronomical events over IAAC
which might possibly be of interest to more than a handful of our readers.)

Clear skies, and keep all the great observing discussions coming!
Lew Gramer

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