(IAAC) eyepiece suggestions

I would like to get people's opinions about something. I am finally
about to buy a Meade 12" LX200. I want to get a good 2" eyepiece to go
with it. I'm not sure what to get. I'm torn between going for high power
or a wider field of view eyepiece. 

I already have several 1 1/4" eyepieces that I've been quite happy with
on my current scope. I assume I will be able to use them on the new one.
They are:

1. 40mm Sirius Plossl
2. 26mm Meade Plossl
3. 20mm Meade Research wide angle
4. 9mm Lanthanum
5. 3x Apogee Barlow

Given what I already have, what size and style of 2" eyepiece would you
buy if you could only afford one? I'd like an eyepiece that will be good
for general use. I enjoy viewing the moon, planets, and deep sky
objects. I doubt if there is one that is perfect for everything but
would like one with good balance for different objects.


Harold Williams
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