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While our situations and desires for observing may differ somewhat, I thought perhaps I may have something useful to say for the first time on this list.

Last summer, I purchased an LX200 12"  for astrophotography w/ an SBIG ST-8.
Let me start by saying that this is a most impressive instrument for the price, but you will need excellent observing site with good atmospheric transparency to do any serious non-solar system observing - (due to the incredible light gathering power of the 12", you will also gather more light pollution and atmospheric turbulence than imaginable).
I have used many great instruments, from many great locations but this is easily the best SCT I have ever had the pleasure to own (next year - the 16"LX200  8-).

Anyhow, if I may, I would like to offer a few suggestions regarding this spectacular scope -

If you are looking to do any deepsky observing or in particular any astrophotography, your next consideration for purchase may be the f/6.3 focal reducer (the 12" is only offered in f/10) for an indescribably detailed image and short exposure times. Try one out if you can, and you'll see just how much this reducer can bring out the potential and optical quality of this instrument.

I don't know which manufacturer's eyepieces you are currently considering, but I would suggest both the wide field and the high power eyepieces if at all possible (for versatility). If that is not possible, consider purchasing the 40mm Meade Super Wide 2" eyepiece and use it in conjunction with the f/6.3 for a field of view that is 60% greater than the standard f/10 and more than twice as bright.

I'm guessing that you have done your homework on the 12" LX200 and are aware of the potential problems that can arise from such a large scope on the same mount used for the 8" & 10" (perhaps Meade's only flaw with this instrument). Personally, I decided to move up to a much stronger custom mount made by Optical Guidance Systems with a maximum periodic error of only 4 arc seconds.

I hope I said something of use for you, but one thing is for certain - you won't be disappointed with the 12" LX200 - it has become my primary instrument over my Takahashi.

Here are a few quick links that you may find helpful for the LX200:



"Harold L. Williams" wrote:
I would like to get people's opinions about something. I am finally
about to buy a Meade 12" LX200. I want to get a good 2" eyepiece to go
with it. I'm not sure what to get. I'm torn between going for high power
or a wider field of view eyepiece.
I already have several 1 1/4" eyepieces that I've been quite happy with
on my current scope. I assume I will be able to use them on the new one.

They are:

1. 40mm Sirius Plossl
2. 26mm Meade Plossl
3. 20mm Meade Research wide angle
4. 9mm Lanthanum
5. 3x Apogee Barlow

Given what I already have, what size and style of 2" eyepiece would you
buy if you could only afford one? I'd like an eyepiece that will be good
for general use. I enjoy viewing the moon, planets, and deep sky
objects. I doubt if there is one that is perfect for everything but
would like one with good balance for different objects.


Harold Williams

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