Re: (IAAC) OBJECT: M13 Hercules Cluster (Globular) INST: 18" F/4.2 Newt.

At 12:52 PM 2/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>More fantastic CCD images!  I really loved the shot of M81.
>I've never noticed the little propellor in M13's core or the other two
dark lanes
>that you mentioned and will make it a point to do so the next time I view
>Dave Mitsky

thanks Dave.. I thought the very skinny dark lane that I have yet to
observe visually 
was an error, (the one coming off the middle of the "Y") until I found it
in older ccd images, I think I overprocessed a bit, and the contrast is
unusually strong, it isn't going to be a super-noticeable feature visually.

The little propeller "X" is visually very, very apparent and bright in the
18" (I wonder if you can see it in an 8"?) and well worth the look, it
points to the other features within the cluster, etc. It's more asymetric
than other globulars, and you can have a field day with it even in suburban

thanks again.. I worked (too) long on the M81 image and greatly appreciate
your comments.

Thanks!   -Todd

Todd Gross
Boston Meteorologist
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