Re: (IAAC) Rini Eyepieces

Does anyone know if these Rini eyepieces are available in the UK or Europe,
or a US contact address (e-mail or otherwise)?


>They are great bargains.  I have a 16mm and a 46mm in 125 inches and a 38mm
>in the 2 inch variety. They work great and you can't beat the price. Rini
>well known on sci.astro. amateur for making great eyepieces from top of the
>line surplus lenses
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>Subject: (IAAC) Rini Eyepieces
>>I doubt if too many people would be interested in this but perhaps there
>>are a few. I was at a weekend star party on the eastern shore of
>>Maryland the last few days. One of the vendors was selling eyepieces
>>that people were buying as fast as he could unpack them. At the end of
>>the star party, he had a few left and another vendor bought all of them.
>>They are Rini Modified Plossl eyepieces if that means anything to
>>anyone. I haven't had much of an opportunity to use them but what I've
>>seen is impressive. In 1 1/4", they range from 14mm to 52mm. In 2" they
>>range from 32mm to 100mm. The most expensive 1 1/4" was $25.00. The
>>highest priced 2" was $40.00. I don't really know much about this
>>product. But, the price caught my eye. I normally believe that if it's
>>too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, I'm still thinking
>>about it.
>>What I do know about the person who was selling them is that his name is
>>Paul Rini and has been a professional optician for 14 years. He makes
>>eyepieces mostly as a hobby.
>>If anyone is interested, I have some literature about the eyepieces that
>>I could scan and email to you.
>>If anyone has any information about these eyepieces, I'd like to hear
>>it. I'm still trying to make my mind up about what I have. I figured
>>getting 4 eyepieces for $65.00 couldn't hurt me too bad so it was worth
>>a shot.
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