Re: (IAAC) Obj: E3 - Inst: 20" f5 Dobsonian

>   Thank you Lew.
> To help clear up the designations that I have used. ESO452sc11 is
> ESO452-011. The designation
> sc stands for star cluster. The original ESO B list gave these
> designations to all objects. g=galaxy
> sc=star cluster, pn=planetary nebulae, en=emision nebulae, snr=supernova
> remenant. I have copies of the original
> Astrophysical journal letters that published the list and so I follow
> these designations.
> As for E3 there is no other designation that I know of. I have a number
> of other unusual object observations that
> I will send when I can. A number of these will be ESO objects. I find
> that by saying would anyonelike to look at
> ESO bla bla or someother string of letters people tend to stay away from
> my lader, as the observing site of Ilford
> is owned by the Astronomical Society of NSW. A new moon weekend will
> attract 25-30 people. It is located about
> 250km northwest of Sydney on the other side of the coastal mountain
> ranges and has a fantastic DARK sky.
>  Andrew Murrell

Andrew, Lew, and others -

The prefered designation for "ESO452sc11" is probably "ESO 452-SC11". 
The space, dash, and "SC" designations are often dropped by various
sources.  The object type designations are also sometimes dropped
because they were wrong in the original catalogue - but since they are
part of the name they actually should always be left in.  Actually the
author (Lauberts) had asked that the references to objects in his
catalogue be positional, thus giving this object the designation "ESO
163618-2818.0", but his request has generally been ignored.

The full ESO catalogue is available at:

As to "E 3", this globular cluster has no other names that I know of
execpt the "IAU style" cluster name of "C0921-770".  This was discovered
by Lauberts, and the "E" here stands for "ESO", but this was first
listed not in the ESO catalogue, but (along with E 1 = AM 1 and E 2) in:

Lauberts, A. [1976].  ``Three distant stellar clusters found on ESO blue
survey plates,'' Astronomy Astrophysics, 52, pp. 309-311.

Hope this helps.

- Brent
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