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Subject: RE: Prison Vote has taken place, but all is not lost
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Dear Maryann,

A few people laughed at me when I mentioned it before, but I am used to
being laughed at.

We land Jumbo jets I fowl weather with out seeing the runway via instruments
with hundreds of people on board.

We operate multi billion dollar naval submarines without portholes or
visually seeing were you are going.

Since it looks inevitable that this prison is going in why not try to
convince the Vermont State Department of Corrections to look at a "dark"

Now I know what you are going to say but think for a second.  The money you
could save via electric lighting, could well pay for an infra read, "star
visual system" and motion detectors which the guards on watch could use.  If
in the event of a breakout, they can always fire up their normal search
lights temporarily.

It seems you have nothing to loose but to try to get into proving such a
technology would be not only possible and successful but economically

I don't live in Vermont.  As far as I am concerned, someone from
Pennsylvania has little business meddling in the Green Mountain State's
affairs.  I do hate light pollution and know how it will effect the
observing and observing only. 

Maybe, they get the prison, you retain light free (at least from the prison)

As far as I see it you have three choices,.

1.	Move to a darker spot.
2.	Stay where you are  and live with the additional pollution
3.	Get involved to eliminate or light from the prison.

I think this idea of a dark prison is not as far fetched as you may believe.
Be creative, get involved.  Act as allies to these government officials
instead of an advisory.  Prove to them that our military uses night vision,
why not prison guards.  From what I have seen, these prisons are very hi
tech.  Maybe stage a demonstration for the Vermont Department of
Corrections, Governor and public.  

The time to act is no as the prison is in the planning stage.
What do you have to loose?

Tom Scordato
Bellefonte, PA

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	Subject:	Prison Vote has taken place

	Crisis At Stellafane:
	News Update: Tuesday June 29, 1999

	The final vote is in. The Town of Springfield has voted to accept
the State 
	contract to build the largest State Prison in Vermont in the
	of 4 miles from Stellafane Observatory, a National Historic

	The final Town vote was:
	1633 FOR

	There has been no response from Vermont Governor Howard Dean to my
	faxes last week containing petition comments or the FedEx package I
	yesterday containing a compilation of the first 1000 replies to the

	Contained in these mail and fax communications was information from
	scientists warning that this proximity to Stellafane was too close
	attain sufficient abatement of the light pollution that will result.

	Perhaps this was not sufficiently convincing.  If you have any
	information or data on this subject, please advise me here on the
web page. 
	We could use the information. For complex information please
remember to
	send a way to contact you by phone as well.

	It is a sad day for astronomers all over the world.
	I feel that this is a national tragedy.

	Maryann Arrien
	Springfield Telescope Makers
	From the secretary:
	We may have lost this battle, but the war is not over.  We are
working on a 
	strategy to keep up the fight.  We are keeping the petition going as
	means to strengthen our arguments.  There will be more to follow.

	Wayne "Waynbo" Zuhl
	Secretary, Springfield Telescope Makers

	eFax: 520-244-5338
	  << File: ATT00001.html >> 

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