Re: (IAAC) Obj: Comparison of M22 and M55 - Inst: 10x50 binoculars

Andrew Murrell wrote:

> Hi All
> NGC253 is easily visible through binoculars from the southern hemisphere
> quite easily. If you do see NGC253 try to look for NGC55 as it is nearly
> as good
> but a little fainter. You may also wish to try for NGC1365 a little later
> in the evening.
> NGC1365 is one of the best barred galaxies in the sky. From the south a
> good 4"
> RFT will show the Sculptor dwarf and the Fornax dwarf with a GOOD DARK
> sky
> like Coonabarran, Home of the AAT.
> Clear Skies
> Andrew Murrell


NGC 1365 is one of my favorite galaxies.  I had a fantastic view of it
through a 33" Dob from the Florida Keys at the 1996 Winter Star Party.

See HTTP://WWW.AAO.GOV.AU/local/www/dfm/aat055.html for a great David Malin

Dave Mitsky

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