Re: (IAAC) Obj: Abell 194 galaxy cluster, LEDA 73958, PGC 5314 - Inst: 16" LX-200, 10" f/4.5 Newt

For interest there is a nice set of drawings in the Webb DSOH Vol 5 of this
cluster along with field charts and descriptions

At 17:58 13/07/99 -0400, you wrote:
>[Jeff posted the following log and request for input well over a
>year ago... I'm reposting it now to ensure that it is accessible
>in our Archive of observations. By the way, Jeff, your observing
>posts were very nicely written, and more are always encouraged!
>   -Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@jovian.com>
>Observer: Jeff Medkeff
>Your skills: Advanced (many years)
>Date/time of observation: Fall
>Location of site: (Lat , Elev )
>Site classification: Exurban
>Sky darkness: Fairly dark
>Moon presence: None - moon not in sky
>Instrument: 16" LX-200, 10" f/4.5 Newt
>Magnification: Not specified
>Filter(s): None
>Object(s): Abell 194 galaxy cluster, LEDA 73958, PGC 5314
>Category: Galaxy cluster.
>Class: 0 L
>Constellation: Cet
>Data: mag 13.9;  size 20'
>Position: 0125.6 -0130
>I'm about midway through a sketch of this galaxy cluster, of which NGC 541
>might be considered the leading visual member, using a new white-on-black
>medium that I am trying out. This group includes six NGC galaxies, all of
>which are fairly easy to see in a 16" under the local skies (which are
>fairly dark). (All are also visible in my 10", though three of them are
>tough objects in that scope.)
>I'm beginning to think of this cluster as rather underrated. Kepple/Sanner
>describe three of the member galaxies in their new (and already standard)
>book and also mention the richness of the cluster, but no source I have on
>hand gives any more detailed treatment of the other cluster members. In
>addition to the six NGC galaxies, there are at least eight more visible at
>the eyepiece of the 16" in about a 20 minute area.
>One of these is LEDA 73958 (=DRCG 7-52), which is catalogued at B magnitude
>16.4 (which probably has no applicability to visual observations, of
>course). This galaxy was on the limits of vision with the 16" tonight for
>both me and an observing partner, but tonight wasn't a terribly good night.
>In addition to this one, PGC 5314 (=MCG 0- 4-140 = CGCG 385-129 = DRCG 7-
>44) was also visible, this one quite easy (LEDA calls this one B magnitude
>14.9, the PGC offers 15.0). A trio of elongated galaxies on the south end
>of the group, which includes two PGC's and an NGC object, were also in
>fairly obvious evidence.
>Can anyone here share an observation of this cluster, particularly with
>respect to identifying the dimmest galaxies visible with a given instrument
>at that time? I have probably one more shot at finishing this sketch before
>the moon gets in the way, and I'd like to cheat off someone else's exam if
>possible to make sure I am mopping everything up properly. The goal here is
>more to test the sketch medium, than to break new observational ground.
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