(IAAC) NGC 7662

Hi to all,

For its next "special file" to appear in the french deep sky publication
"Ciel Extreme" (http://www.astrosurf.org/cielextreme) in early October, we
are looking for any information or observation you can contribute on the
following object:

NGC 7662, planetary nebula in Pegasus (23h25.9m, +4233')

You can send in written descriptions, drawings, photographs, ccd images and
why not spectrographic work, in order to cover all the historic,
astrophysic and observational aspects of this deep sky object.

Every contributer will receive a copy of the file, either as an accessible
web page or as a paper copy sent by snail mail (as prefered).

Thanks in advance for your participation in this project,

Carpe noctem, Yann.

Yann Pothier	tel: 01 43 41 43 29
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE

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