(IAAC) Galaxies and nebulae in Cetus, meteors all over...

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Subject: Clear, Dark Skies Last Saturday
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:03:43 -0400
From: Lew Gramer <dedalus>

Here's hoping a big crowd got together at Myles Standish for a great
night of observing! I was a little further afield Saturday night - we
drove up to a higher-altitude observing site in central NH. But seems
like the weather was good all over! What were folks favorite views? :)

We had some excellent views ourselves, from near Rumney NH: Abell 194
in Cetus, which showed us at least twenty different galaxies at high
power, including the mysterious trinuclear "Minkowski's Object" which
was very tough; the galaxy-planetary nebula pair NGC 255 and 246 also
in Cetus, BOTH showing fascinating structure; and last but definitely
not least 24 meteors in one hour effective observing time, with an LM
decaying from 7.0 to 6.7 in the zodiacal light - including an amazing
*8* Delta Aurigids, with their distinctive speedy, trained appearance.

[BTW, just to set the record straight, I have TWO totaled automobiles:
my van's engine caught fire and burned to the steel; my other car was
stolen and abused till a rod blew... New car here we come! ;>]

Clear skies for this week all,
Lew Gramer

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