Re: (IAAC) Supernova 1999el in NGC 6951 brightening!

--- "Mario E. Motta" <mmotta@massmed.org> wrote:
> As I have a 32 inch in dark sky, I also would be up for these
> challenges. By the way, are you grinding your own mirror?
> Mario Motta

Hi Mario,

Great, the more the merrier. Attached, below, are the suggestions I
have received so far today. If you have any to add, I'd enjoy the

Yes, I'm doing it all. Presently working on the 12" secondary mirror: a
convex hyperboloid made of fused quartz.  Better a 32" under a dark sky
than a 40" under construction!  I'll soon have a website up, which
follows the project's progress. First light will probably be ~18-24

Good to hear from you. If you do attempt any of these listed below, I'd
be interested to hear your experiences.

Clear skies,


Thomas O'Hara, PhD
San Diego, California USA

                      Proposed 40" Challenge Objects
(Epoch 2000)

* "Saturn Galaxy", per Mel Bartels; Mario, I'm not familiar with this  
  one; do you have a PGC or other catalogue number, with which I can   
 track it down?

* Jupiter V, Miranda (Uranus V), Charon (Pluto I) !!!

* Ultimate Challenge List: 

* Simeis 147

* Sculptor Dwarf Gx

* Einstein's Cross (G2237+0305): RA 22h40m29.8s  Dec+03d21'30"

* Abell 85 (CTB 1)               RA 23h59.3m     Dec+62d27'

* UKS 1751-241                    RA 17h54.5m     Dec-24d09.0'

* Hickson 50                      RA 11h14m14.9s  Dec+55d11'33.4" 

* PK 009-07.1 (IRAS 18333-2357), PN in M22

* Pease 1, PN in M15

* "Observing the Shakhbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies"
  by Andreas Domenico, Member of the VdS-Fachgruppe Deep-Sky, Germany 

* M31 Globulars: http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/gcm31.htm

* M33 Globulars: http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/gcm33.htm

* NGC6822: "E.E. Barnard's Galaxy: Over a Century of Observing"

* Giant H-II Complexes in M74

* Arp Peculiar Galaxies

* The Closest Planetary: Sharpless 2-216

* Double Quasar: http://redshift.home.pipeline.com/dblqso.htm


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