Re: (IAAC) Fwd: SN1999el in NGC 6951 continues to brighten!

Lew Gramer wrote:

> >Objects viewed... and the open clusters NGC 7790, NGC 7788,
> >Berkeley 58, Frolov 1, Harvard 21, and King 12.
> Sounds like a packed night, Dave! And of course, the IAAC is
> lacking logs for several of these objects you mentioned. :)
> Lew


Which ones?

BTW, I had a look at NGC 6951 on Thursday night.  The conditions were
poor - occasional high clouds and poor transparency and seeing.  Using
the 17" f/15 classical Cassegrain (202 and 259x) I could barely see the
parent galaxy, let alone the supernova.

Dave Mitsky

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