(IAAC) Fwd Re: Please be aware of the following SPAM problem!

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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:06:26 +0000
To: meteorobs@jovian.com
From: Steve Harrison <ko0u@os.com>
Subject: Re: (meteorobs) Please be aware of the following SPAM problem!

At 01:30 PM 1999-12-21 -0500, Lew Gramer wrote:
>If you receive ANY message which appears to be from 'meteorobs' or
>'netastrocatalog', and which contains an attachment, DO NOT OPEN the
>attachment: For one thing, attachments are discouraged on our lists, due to
>size and format constraints. For another, it may be SPAM...  Lew  -------

These messages are NOT appearing to come through a reflector. Instead, they
have had a return address which is either YOURS, or that of someone else
who has recently posted to a reflector. And they have ALWAYS had an
attachment which is the worm virus, named any of a coupla dozen names but
all of the same size: 69652 bytes.

I won't discuss the problem further here on MeteorObs but if you want more
information, please e-mail me directly.

Shrewsbury MA

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