(IAAC) The Deep Sky

Lew Gramer recently announced that quarterly "The Deep Sky" was printed. It 
is the new National Deep Sky Observers Society magazine to replace a smaller 
publication called "Betelgeuse" which ran from 1976 to 1999. I have received 
some inquiries and wanted to let everyone know that I am mailing issues out 
to subscribers and anyone curious to see what it is all about. Drop me an 
e-mail and I'll get it in your hands - do not reply to the list! This is a 
resource for deep sky observers - we are not in it to make a dollar. All 
subscriptions (which run $24 / year) and ad revenues go to making the next 
issue better. I have already developed the contents for the first 7 issues - 
we want "TDS" to last at least as long as "Betelgeuse" was around (that would 
be 96 issues!) 

Clear skies,
Alan Goldstein
1607 Washington Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40242-3539
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