(IAAC) ASH Cherry Springs Star Party

Another Post just to update on info.

The Astronomical Society of Harrisburg will host a Dark Sky Observing Party 
at Cherry Springs State Park, from Friday May 5th to the morning of Sunday 
May 7th.

The reason for the star party is to allow members to observe in the darkest 
skies in PA and to mingle with fellow amateur astronomers.

This weekend is also the Potter County Maple Syrup Fest and on Saturday 
Morning we plan on heading down to Coudersport fot the All You Can Eat 
Pancake/Sausage/Maple Syrup Fest. The cost is $3.50 for a plate or $4.00 for 
All You Can Eat.

For more information please contact:

We should also have fliers at astro-conferences around the area, including 

Please Come!
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