Re: (IAAC) Observing Report - Cherry Springs - May 5 & 6

Hi Ted,

--- AstronomerTed@aol.com wrote:

> That night I had astonishing views of Sephrets Sextet 
>through a 24" Dob... .

Thanks for the cool observing report; very vivid! 

I just wanted to pass along a minor correction, regarding "Sephrets
Sextet". It is actually "Seyfert's Sextet", named after its discoverer,
Carl Seyfert, who also was the first to draw attention to the type of
galaxy that has a tiny, intensely bright nucleus -- known ever since as
a "Seyfert Galaxy."

I'm jealous of the view you must have gotten through the 24"!!

Thanks again,


Thomas O'Hara, PhD
San Diego, California, USA

"Whenever I'm forced to choose the lesser of two evils,
I generally prefer the one I've never tried before."
                                             --Mae West

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