(IAAC) WIN a new Telrad!

Enter "the @stro contest" for a chance to win a brand new Telrad reflex
sight.  On a recent visit to the Mt. Wilson Observatory in Pasadena,
California we found out that both the 100" and 60" telescopes use Telrads
for alignment purposes.  If it's good enough for those monsters it should be
great for your backyard telescope.  Best of all entering is FREE!  Simply:

1) Go to http://theastropages.com/astrocontest/
2) Select the July 2000 contest.
3) Answer 3 fairly simple questions correctly.
4) Submit your answers

and you're entered to win!

Good luck and clear skies,
the @stro pages: http://theastropages.com ~ astronomy for the amateur
astronomylinks.com: http://astronomylinks.com

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