RE: (IAAC) IMO says don't drink Hot Drink while Observing in the Cold

Ted wrote...

>Let's have some discussion on whats better to drink when observing and if 
this is true or its just an old myth..

Ever since I was a small boy, my Mom told me to "drink something hot when it was
hot outside, and something cold when it was cold outside, and I would be more
comfortable". Since I was young enough at the time to believe everything my Mom
told me, I've always believed that, and I still do. 

When I observe during the frigid (?) San Diego Desert winter nights, I always
have my big thermal cup filled with ice and fruit juice (with perhaps the
tiniest splash of gin now and again) and I'm often the last person to layer up
with the cold weather clothing. It's during the shirtsleeves-all-night summer
nights that I'm sipping hot tea from the same cup. Works for me, always has. I
don't really know if there is any scientific reasoning behind this, I just feel
that if I'm cold on the outside and cold on the inside, the equilibrium of it
all keeps me comfortable.

\Paul Alsing

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