Re: (IAAC) estimating magnitudes

>I would like to start including the magnitudes of some of the field
>stars in my drawings.  The problem is I don't know how to go about
>doing this.  It seems the online catalogues and megastar only go
>down to mag 15 or 16.

Mark, using a 40" scope under reasonably dark skies, you are at a very big
disadvantage to all us other observers with mere 15" and 20" scopes in our
exurban skies, aren't you?! :) Seriously, I'm afraid I'm not aware of any
"digital densitometry"(?) software out there for DSS images. (And in fact,
I wonder if the DSS scanned the original plates with sufficient resolution
to allow meaningful results to be found this way for fainter stars??)

Perhaps for certain fields around the better-studied deep-sky objects though,
you might consider checking the professional literature (via NED, ADS or some
other service?) to see if there are published photometric sequences for the
stars in these fields.

You might also consider posting this message to the 'WebbSoc' and 'amastro'
lists, for more "semi-professional" answers... In any case, whatever you
discover, I know we'd be interested on netastrocatalog to hear about it!

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@jovian.com>

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